Thanks for all your steady, expert efforts. I never had any doubt that you were my best hope of getting such a special property sold. Getting to the goal line will continue to be a source of celebration for me for some time to come! 

– Paul Nix

Peggy was prompt about obtaining counter offers and answers to all questions. She processed multiple counter offers after normal business hours and on the weekend to finalize our deal in two days. I would recommend her. 

– Carl Weathers

Everyone in the neighborhood knows Peggy gets houses sold and she’s the best in the business.

– J. Ioccica

The best real estate agent I have ever met.

– J. Poindexter

Peggy saved me more money than I spent in commissions… I am now a believer.

– J. Bullock

Peggy [went] to great lengths to sell my property…I will gladly recommend her.

– D. Leftwich

Made my house-buying a pleasure.

– E. Dotts

Peggy sold my home in less than 10 days!

– D. Rollins

I have a deep appreciation for Peggy’s patience and perseverance.

– H. Cornelius